Bandwidth 3.0

So when I started this in June of 2000 (yes, that long ago), I bought a 768K SDSL to run my show. I was so pleased to have enough upload bandwidth to host a mere 5 streamers. Those were the good old days. Moving to a cable modem some years later, I was pleased to get about 1M upload, and about 5M down. Its been that way for a long time. Fortunately during most of that time I had gracious bandwidth donors that helped host the listeners I could not. As of today I picked up 50+ M down and at least 6M up. A far cry from the early days. I’m sure in 10 years 50M will be a joke. I’m sure it will be in 2 years. Hell, it probably already is, and I just dont realize it.

Excuse the clutter today. The site was up and down today for several hours while I was working out the kinks of the new modem. I’m completely upgraded on Ubuntu 14.04 now, running on VMWare ESXi 5.5. Also a far cry from NT 4.0 in the beginning…..


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