Time to TuneOut

Well, I wondered why I was having such a difficult time with my TuneIn link, and why tech support was completely ignoring me, but then I ran across this article:

Radionomy blocks U.S. listening on TuneIn because of CRB rates

This pretty much sums it up. As a result, you will notice that I have removed any links for TuneIn. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I am, however, trying to source a stream outside of the US in order to get back on. I’ll believe that when I see it, but its a thought anyway. I’m not overly endeared to TuneIn, but I think a large group of you were using it. For the time being anyway stick with the Shoutcast Links on the page, or iTunes Internet Radio. If anyone is listening to me on another service, let me know. I probably don’t even know about. More to come on this I’m sure….

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